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In explaining the unique benefits of our protein to you we have more than the old and boring “premium quality” or “only the best ingredients” kind of narratives. We are sure that you’re tired of always hearing these things without receiving much explanation on what they mean.

You, our valued customer, deserve to know more.



We have two versions of this article: an infographic version and a long text version that provides more details below. We invite you to also read the long version.

ViGO Protein




A. About the source of the protein

Our product is based entirely on whey protein. We are sure most of you know the benefits of whey protein by now:

  • Complete protein source
  • Easy digestibility
  • Health properties (immune, antioxidant support, etc.)

We did not add lower quality protein sources like soy protein to the product.

We are not talking down on soy protein. Soy is a decent vegetarian protein but many brands give their product names like “PURE WHEY” but then add some soy protein to it (listed on the ingredients list on the label). That’s so uncool!

We also did not add ingredients like amino acids which is considered a form of cheating (please click below to read more about this practice called “amino spiking”).

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: you are getting a protein with better nutritional qualities and honestly advertised to you.

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B. About the raw material brand

It is quite rare for consumers to know the brand of the protein raw material that’s in the product they consume.

This is really important stuff because the whey can be from countries with poor manufacturing or quality control practices. You never know unless a brand tells you where the raw material is from.

There is something called “traceability” that’s becoming important in the supplement industry.

ViGO Nutrition, on the other hand, uses NutriWhey 800I Whey Protein Concentrate obtained from The Netherlands. It is the grade of protein used in medical nutrition. This is our sole protein raw material in ViGO Protein. We did not mix any other protein with it.  

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: peace of mind that we sourced the best for you.

C. About the origin of the whey protein

ViGO Protein contains whey protein that has been extracted from milk.

Regular proteins are isolated from the liquid whey that comes from cheese manufacture. This liquid whey has to be chemically processed via bleaching (using Benzoyl peroxides) to remove cheese colourants before whey protein is extracted from it.

The cheese-whey manufacturing process:

  • Pasteurised milk is used.
  • Colourant is added to the milk milk.
  • Milk is clotted to make cheese.
  • Liquid cheese whey is bleached with peroxides to remove colour.
  • The liquid is filtered to remove whey protein from it. 

Bleaching damages the protein and leaves chemicals like Benzoates in the product. The colour of the protein is usually yellowish and looks quite gritty. 

ViGO Protein, on the other hand, is not chemically bleached because no colourant needs to be removed.

The native-whey manufacturing process:

  • Pasteurised milk is used.
  • The milk is clotted to remove the casein
  • The liquid is filtered to remove whey protein from it. 

This means that you get a product that’s cleaner and with better nutritional properties. 

This explains why our product has a clean look, smother texture and mixes more easily than regular proteins. 

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: you are getting a cleaner and less processed product that you can trust for your family.

D. No added carbohydrates and fillers

In an attempt to cut down on costs and to make more profits many brands resort to the addition of fillers to their product.

We most certainly want to drive that Ferrari one day (LOL) but not on money earned by cheating customers (SERIOUS FACE).

When fillers are used the protein content goes down. That’s why sometimes you see proteins with 55-60% protein only (55 to 60g protein/ 100g powder) compared to the 70+ of VIGO Protein.

Fillers include Maltodextrin, milk powder or whey powder, which are high carbohydrate sources. 

Now, the aforementioned are fine to use in a meal-replacement, recovery shake or sports drink (maltodextrin) or baking cookies (whey powder). However, in a protein they serve as a filler, plain and simple. 

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: we did not cut corners in making this product.

E. A pleasure to use (our customers said so)

Many of our customers give us reviews like:

  • “Product mixes easily”
  • “Product forms no lumps”
  • “It doesn’t bloat me at all”
  • “Product doesn’t have that heavy chemical flavouring”
  • “Doesn’t look like sand and taste like chalk” (that’s a good one!)

One of the reasons why we sell the raw material in our Elements range is to let users appreciate how the product looks and tastes in its raw state. 

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: you will love using this product even in its unflavoured/ unsweetened state. 

F. Simplicity of the formulation

Our product contains at most 4-5 ingredients:

1. The protein source

2. Additives: natural colour, flavouring, sweetener.

That’s it.

You are buying a protein. Therefore, the protein raw material is the main thing that should be in it.

There is no room for stuff like creamers or boosters that don’t work. 

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: we are giving you a product without the unnecessary fluff

Thank you very much for reading!

If you need any more information please drop us a line at

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