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We decided to sell the protein raw material (NutriWhey 800I), used in all our products, in the raw unflavoured form for you to get an idea of its appearance in the raw state. You’ll see a clean, smooth and easy dissolving powder that you can add to virtually anything to boost the protein content.

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2 reviews for Elements PROTEIN

  1. Cayla

    Totally in love with this protein for use in superfood smoothies. We can flavour it the way we want.

  2. Wayne

    I ordered this by mistake thinking it was sweetened. However, I ended up using all of it by adding vanilla drops and canderel. Can you do one that has no flavour but sweetness?

    • siteadmin

      Hi Wayne.
      Thanks for your purchase. It is unlikely that we will have unflavoured but sweetened version anytime soon in our line due to low demands. Please send us a message at info@vigolife.co.za and let’s discuss how we can get you some unflavoured/ sweetened proteins.

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