Why are we in this business?

We are here not only for profits. We offer products that work rather than an endless list of products that either are ineffective or conflict with one another. Our formulas are based on nutritional ingredients, stuff found in food, rather than the latest "fad" ingredients. We use effective dosages, disclose our ingredient quantities and are really big on educating you about what goes into your products. We are here to make a difference!

Everybody's Nutrition Brand

Health-Conscious Parents

You decide what's best for your family. You run the household's Department of Health, so to speak. ViGO offers great-tasting products with simplicity in their design, with safe and effective ingredients that you will feel confident (and great) giving to your family

The Busy Individual

Balanced nutrition is indispensable for fueling the great things you do everyday. For you ViGO has crafted tasty and convenient solutions to boost energy levels and fight tiredness and fatigue, with ingredients that are carefully chosen to give you that extra edge

The One Wishing to get fit

You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great. It all begins with small steps, the most important of which is making small changes to your dietary habits that you can stick to. ViGO's great-tasting formulas make it easier to put that cookie (and remote control) down..

The Athlete

You need products that provide steady energy, keep cramps at bay and keep you in tip-top shape the next day. ViGO provides better alternatives to the pricey sugar and salt water or the additive-laden chocolate milk they say is good for you.

The Gym Fanatic

You go all-out in the gym and you can't afford to waste your efforts with phony underdosed supplements. That's why we went all-out too in creating formulations that gives you the best bang for your hard work, with potent doses of nutritionals that work

The Sporty Kid

You want to be the best, you want to make the team and want to impress the opposite sex (we've been there too). Importantly, you want products that won't raise your parents' eyebrows. ViGO makes these easy for you because our products are safe and we explain everything that's in them!

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