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Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate used in some ViGO Nutrition products. We also offer it in the pure form in ViGO PureCARBS. Here we provide you with a bit more information about this carbohydrate.

Maltodextrin in a nutshell.

Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate that consists of glucose molecules bound together in a long chain, much like beads on a string.

Maltodextrin is also called “glucose polymers” on product labels. Maltodextrin is thus a source of glucose for the body. It is a high glycaemic index (High GI) carbohydrate, meaning that it absorbs rapidly in the body.

High-GI carbohydrates usually receive a bad rap but there are several cases where they are useful when used at the right time and right amounts. More on that later. 

How is Maltodextrin made?

Maltodextrin is commonly made from corn (maize) as well as rice and potato. These sources contain the stored carbohydrate called Starch which are large chains of glucose molecules.

The starch is first isolated extracted he starch is then broken down using enzymes to shorter chains glucose and then dried into Maltodextrin powder.  

Starch in Food. What are Maltodextrins?

The benefits of Maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin is used in numerous food products to give some thickness and mouthfeel to the product and also, of course, to provide carbohydrates.

Maltodextrin is commonly used in products like:

  • Infant formulas.
  • Oral rehydration solutions.
  • Drink mixes, soups, puddings, etc.
  • Sports products.

because it is extremely easy on the digestive system compared to other carbohydrate sources like glucose (dextrose), sucrose (cane sugar) and fructose (fruit sugar).  

Maltodextrin in ViGO Nutrition

Maltodextrin is a good carbohydrate because of its complex structure which makes it attract less water compared to simpler forms of carbohydrates like glucose, sucrose and fructose.

This makes Maltodextrin less likely to cause bloating and distress, which is a NO-NO especially during sports situations.  Maltodextrin also empties faster from the stomach into the intestines compared to an equal amount of glucose, as you can see in the below diagramMarathon Swimming Nutrition: Osmolality and why it matters | Nutrition, Simple sugars, Stomach

That is why we use it in ViGO Nutrition, sometimes as a single source of carb (e.g. in our REGO recovery shake) and along with other carb sources, depending on the desired outcome.

A. Maltodextrin in Ultra Endurance Fuel:

Maltodextrin comprise 57% of total carbohydrates in the product.

  • 35% of carbs are from Palatinose™ (slow-release)
  • 57% are from Maltodextrin (fast-release)
  • 8% is from Fructose (fast-release)

Maltodextrin absorbs rapidly without digestive stress to supply energy to active muscles.

B. Maltodextrin in REGO Recovery Protein

Maltodextrin comprise 100% of total carbohydrates in the product as a fast-absorbing source of carbohydrate is needed. Maltodextrin helps to replace muscle glycogen after training, which is assisted by whey protein found in REGO. Maltodextrin is more ideal than glucose/ dextrose because it does not stress the stomach.

C. Maltodextrin in LEANBody Shake

Maltodextrin comprise 48% of total carbohydrates in the LeanBody Shake to serve as a source of energy. The remaining 52% are from slow-absorbing carbohydrates, namely unmodified waxy maize starch and Palatinose™

  • 30% of carbs are from Palatinose™ (slow-release)
  • 48% are from Maltodextrin (fast-release)
  • 22% are from Waxy Maize Starch (slow-release).  

We also sell Maltodextrin in the pure form in ViGO Carbs. Explaining this product deserves an article in itself. So, please stay tuned for our upcoming article “Your Guide to ViGO Carbs”.

Thanks for reading this article. Please feel free to share, comment or write to us at if you have any questions.


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