LEANBody Shake-750g Jar (25 servings)

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LeanBody Shake is NOT the typical sugared milk drink with a sprinkle of “fat burner ingredients” and sold to you as a weight loss shake.

LeanBody Shake is instead a whey-based high protein formula with a balanced mix of carbohydrates. It helps promote fullness and sustained energy, with no stimulants and appetite suppressants. Just 2 scoops makes a great shake that’s a more filling, nutritious, lower-calorie, lower-cost and healthier alternative to most shakes, snacks and bars.  

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Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

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4 reviews for LEANBody Shake-750g Jar (25 servings)

  1. Bradwyn

    What do you guys have to pick up weight?

  2. J. Pieterse

    On weekends I like to mix a serving in my Nutribullet with ice cubes, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water. Sometimes 4-5 cashew nuts. It has helped me lose and maintain weight.

  3. Thabo

    A good shake to add lean muscle also. Mixed with creatine and glutamine in milk or water. Wish they can come in larger bags or tubs for more servings.

    • siteadmin

      Hi Thabo. We have kept a 2:1 ratio between carbs and protein to aid lean muscle building. Regular “musclebuilding” shakes contain too much carbohydrates compared to proteins (usually 4:1 ratio and above) which isn’t that great.

  4. Claire

    I purchased twice. The first time the shake was a little runny/ thin. The second time is was thicker. I use it in milk. Why is this?

    • siteadmin

      Hi Claire,
      Thank you for purchasing the LeanBody shakes. The latest version has added thickener (Xanthan) gum which gives the shake more “body” leading to a more satisfying feeling. Everything else in the formula is the same.

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