ViGO and Palatinose
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Palatinose™ is one of the slow-digesting carbohydrates that we use in ViGO Nutrition. We use Palatinose™ (in adequate amounts of course) in two ViGO products where a sustained supply of energy is helpful.

In this article we want to tell you more about Palatinose™:

  • About Palatinose™ and how it is made.
  • The beneficial properties of Palatinose™.
  • Which ViGO products contain Palatinose™ and why.
  • Whether the dosages of Palatinose™ we use make sense. 

What is Palatinose™?

Palatinose™ is the branded form of a carbohydrate called isomaltulose. The latter has been used since the 80s in Japan and found to confer interesting health benefits. 

To make isomaltulose, sucrose is first isolated from sugar beets. Sucrose, as you probably know, is the same thing as table sugar. It consists of glucose and fructose bound together. 


The sucrose is then treated with an enzyme. The enzyme strengthens the linkage (bond) between the glucose and the fructose. This gives Palatinose these wonderful characteristics:

  • Reduced speed of digestion.
  • Slower release of energy compared to sugars (low-GI)
  • Lower impact on blood sugar levels (no spikes)
  • Long-term source of energy to the entire body.

As we said earlier, the branded form of isomaltulose is Palatinose™, made by the German company Beneo GmBH. We will tell you why we use the branded form later. 

Functional carbohydrates: a booming market

Is Palatinose™ like the xylitol, etc?


Sweeteners like xylitol are only partly utilised by the body. They are there mostly for sweetening. On the other hand, Palatinose™ is completely used by the body. Only its speed of digestion is slower. 

What are the benefits of Palatinose™?

The slow digestion rate of Palatinose™ and its reduced impact on blood sugar level makes it ideal for diabetic-friendly, weight control and sports nutrition products.

Beneo GmBH, the German company that makes Palatinose™ has also tested their products in various situations: in diabetics, athletes, dieters and even schoolkids (the low-GI carb helps with attention). You can find all the information on Palatinose™ on this link:

The use of Palatinose™ in VIGO Nutrition Products

Palatinose™ is used in two ViGO Nutrition products, namely Ultra Sports Drink and Lean-Rx Shake.

There are two things that we would like you, our dear customer, to know:

1. We are using only the branded form of isomaltulose

We didn’t buy the generic form (isomaltulose) and then stealthily labelling it as Palatinose without the trademark (these things happen).

Using a branded form is essential as this ensures the quality of the product and that the enzymatic process has been well carried out to yield the proper carb.

We procured Palatinose™ (branded) from Beneo GmbH. We also understood their requirement that to be able to say big things about the carb we need to use it in significant quantities that would make a difference when ingested. 

2. We aren’t using tiny quantities Palatinose™ and then making a big noise about it. 

This kind of practice has always been common in the industry.  

How much Palatinoseis used in ViGO products?

A. LeanBody Shake:

Lean-Rx is our meal supplement shake for weight control. Our goal with Lean-Rx was to provide a shake without a disproportionate amount of carbs relative to proteins. We kept it at a 1:1 Protein: carb.

Also, we wanted to give a near 50:50 ratio of fast: slow release carbs in the product. This ratio is great for a weight management meal replacement shake for its sustained energy provision. The breakdown of carbs in Lean-Rx is as follows:

  • 30% of carbs are from Palatinose™ (slow-release)
  • 48% are from Maltodextrin (fast-release)
  • 22% are from Waxy Maize Starch (slow-release).  

B. Ultra Endurance Fuel

Including a low-GI carb source in ViGO Ultra helps athletes who aren’t always able to refuel whenever they want.  That is why we used the following breakdown:

  • 35% of carbs are from Palatinose™ (slow-release)
  • 57% are from Maltodextrin (fast-release)
  • 8% is from Fructose (fast-release)

This gives the product a nearly 65:35 ratio of fast: slow release carbs to ensure constant energy for long-distance events.

As you can see, few other brands provide their breakdown of active ingredients like ViGO Nutrition does! 

ViGO & Palatinose™: the way forward

We are looking into offering Pure Palatinose in the ViGO Elements range.

This will allow you to include a low-GI carb source in a variety of daily foods and beverages (including coffee, shakes and juices). Athletes will love it in their intraworkout drink.

Palatinose™ can be used by your entire family, kids included!

Thanks for reading our article. If you have any question please feel free to drop us a line on

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