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ViGO PureCARBS, as goes the name, is a pure carbohydrate powder based on Maltodextrin. PureCARBS is very versatile and can be used to enrich various foods and beverages with carbohydrates. We give you some ideas in this article.

First of all, we need to make it clear to you that the best sources of carbohydrates remain WHOLE FOODS. From the latter you can get dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in addition to carbohydrates. However, there are instances where you can use a purified carbohydrate powder like our VIGO Nutrition PureCARBS.

ViGO PureCARBS is based on Maltodextrin. To read more about Maltodextrin, please see the article below.


PureCARBS is a better source of glucose than glucose powder itself given its easiness on the stomach. It can be used as a quick source of energy to add to a variety of foods and beverages. Of course a better option is to always grab a piece of fruit for the energy.

Also, you should not include maltodextrin in your diet if you have diabetes or insulin resistance.


A. For Carbo-loading (Endurance athletes)

Use ViGO Carbs for 2-3 days before endurance events as a carbohydrate loading supplement. Use in between meals.

B. For Performance (Gym/  Strength athletes)

Use ViGO Carbs during long-duration exercise. This will ensure energy supply.

Recommended Stacking: ViGO Carbs (20-30g) + ViGO flavoured BCAA (1 serving)

For endurance athletes, a great option is ViGO Ultra Sports Drink which contains Maltodextrin as part of a sustained carb blend. 

C. For Recovery (Endurance and Strength athletes)

ViGO PureCARBS is ideal for kickstarting the muscle energy replenishment process which is one of the pillars of recovery. 

Recommended Stacking: ViGO PureCARBS (30-40g) + ViGO Protein (10g or 20g for strength athletes)

C. For Mass Gain 

ViGO PureCARBS can be used in conjunction with ViGO Protein to boost carbohydrate and caloric intake for building muscle mass.

Having a pure carb powder in hand is great. It allows you to customise your shakes by adjusting the ratio of protein: carbs in your shake. The boosted carb intake will ensure higher carbohydrate availability and muscle glycogen (stored form of carbohydrate) which powers hard musclebuilding workouts.




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