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A protein powder is not a necessity but can be of help if you have a higher protein need, looking for convenience, seeking to add variety to your diet or simply enjoy the taste. It shouldn’t replace the protein you get from solid foods. Here we show you how ViGO Protein can help!


ViGO Protein starts with the raw material, which is whey protein concentrate. Our whey protein concentrate (henceforth, WPC) starts from milk (not from cheese-by products, like most whey proteins). The milk is clotted to remove the casein and from the resulting liquid the whey protein is filtered and dried to make whey protein concentrate.

So, our WPC raw material is basically like a milk powder with a much reduced sugar (lactose) and fat content and a lot more protein. As we buy the highest grade of WPC, called WPC80, we ensure that our raw material contains as much protein as possible (the 80 in WPC80 indicates the protein level) compared to other commonly used WPCs like WPC60, etc. 

To the WPC80 raw material we simply add the flavouring, natural colouring (if necessary) and the sucralose sweetener. That’s it!

We at ViGO Nutrition consider our protein as a food. It can be used as is or added to various recipes  


There are many reasons why it is good to have ViGO Protein in your pantry. 

  • Baking for the family: ViGO Protein can be used in home-made recipes like cakes, cookies, pancakes, protein balls and protein bars in combination with other whole-food ingredients. These can be used by the whole family as a delicious and cost-effective source of protein.  These work great anytime, especially as on-the-go snacks. 
  • Added to foods and drinks for daily nutrition: ViGO Protein mixes instantly and leaves no little lumps of powder. That is why it is a great addition to foods (porridges, oatmeal, etc.) and drinks (plain water, milk, coffee, milk alternatives, smoothies, etc.). These are great to have for a quick and easy protein-packed breakfast. Besides, having a protein-rich breakfast helps keep you full!
  • Protein ideas for athletes and exercisers: ViGO Protein can be used as a shake at specific times. For instance, following a workout to help with the recovery process especially if you are unable to get in a protein meal post-workout. ViGO Protein can be a great daily addition for athletes needing a high protein diet (e.g. during times of mass building or fat loss). Endurance athletes can use ViGO Protein in combination with ViGO PureCarbs for post workout recovery. In the latter case, a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein is recommended. 





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