REGO Recovery Protein

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After the amazing training session or race you’ve had, you don’t want shaky legs, soreness, cramps or overall tiredness get in the way of the stuff you still have to do!

That’s why there’s RE-GO Recovery Protein, the perfect shake to kick start your recovery. Made possible by the best possible combination of proteins, carbohydrates and a whole array of nutrients that you lost and need to put back in again. 

The name says it all. RE-GO=go there and kick butt again!


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How It Works





REGO replaces energy that has been spent during exercise.

The energy comes from Maltodextrin, a carbohydrate source derived from non-GMO maize.

Maltodextrin digests and absorbs rapidly to supply glucose molecules which are used to top up levels of glycogen, the stored form of energy in muscles.


REGO provides adequate amounts of protein. The latter comes from whey protein which is a fast-digesting protein that supplies all the building blocks to repair muscles and rebuild them stronger.

Another great fact about protein is that it also assists carbohydrates in the energy replacement process.





Unique Features

Nutritional Facts

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1 review for REGO Recovery Protein

  1. Fadiel

    I never used to take anything after my runs and instead have food, but since using Rego I began to notice a difference in my energy levels.. I often also take a serving before I go on hikes and I find it easy on my stomach.

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