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What You Need to Know About ViGO Protein

  • ViGO PROTEIN is a product that has been formulated with a strong focus on the key active ingredient, which is WHEY PROTEIN.
  • Our goal is to give you a product with nutritional content that's as close to the protein raw material as possible*.
  • We took a high quality milk-derived Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC80) and then added just enough additives (natural colour, flavour and sweetener) to deliver awesome taste.
  • ViGO Protein contains just 3-5 ingredients, depending on flavour.
  • Our protein raw material is 77.8% protein by weight. After additives the protein content is 74.1% (depending on flavour)
  • We use no mysterious protein blends, matrices or added amino acids. Just WPC80 Whey Protein Concentrate.

*we do sell unflavoured/ unsweetened WPC80 in our Elements Range, which is the actual raw material. 


ViGO Protein is based on NutriWhey800I Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC80) purchased from The Netherlands. Few brands disclose their protein raw material and ViGO is one of the few brands that do.

WPC80 is the key raw material and our goal at ViGO is to give as much of it as possible in a serving of protein. That's why we basically took this raw material, add a flavouring, a natural colourant and sweetener. In the graphic below we dissect the label of our Cookies&Cream and look at where the protein is from.

The takeaways here are that on the label of each ViGO Protein flavour variant:  

  • We give you a breakdown of how much WPC80 raw material we use and how much protein it yields. 
  • We also provide the total quantities of additives we use. 
  • You will see a strong focus on the raw material (WPC80). That is why our protein percentages are very high. 
  • You will see at most 5 ingredients. 
  • You won't see any ingredients like carb powders, creatine, glycine, taurine, or any fancy ingredient blends (e.g. test boosters) that robs a few grams to rescue profits. 

ViGO Protein contains no mysterious protein blends, matrices or added amino acids. Just WPC80 Whey Protein Concentrate.

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2 thoughts on “VIGO PROTEIN: SA’s first protein to disclose its active ingredients

  1. Reply
    Hein - April 1, 2020

    Thanks for this article. It is good to have the clarification concerning the usage of cocoa in the product. You have clearly stated that it is for flavouring and colouring in your product, rather than make big claims about it. Although cocoa can be considered a “superfood” it is used in too insignificant a quantity to be of any nutritive value. Kudos to your brand. Thanks. Hein.

    1. Reply
      siteadmin - April 1, 2020

      Hi Hein. Thanks for commenting on our post and for your appreciation of the value of our information disclosure. Indeed, the quantity of cocoa is very little.

      In our cookies & cream product we are using less than 1g. Its purpose is to “assist” the cookies&cream flavouring a bit in giving a chocolaty flavour and at the same time it gives a natural brown colouration to the product.
      In our chocolate product we use about 4g of the cocoa powder.

      It contributes a bit more in terms of nutrition although we didn’t make any nutrition content claim about it. The 4g brings about 1,8g dietary fibre and about 4% of one daily Iron needs. Thanks for your two purchases of our protein and lean-Rx and we look forward to be of further help to you.

      Regards, ViGO

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