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ViGO BCAA has always been among the most cost-effective BCAA options on the market. But that's not all! ViGO BCAAs differ from most competing brands in terms of the formulation (what is in it) and even the way we market it. This article highlights the key differences.   


Each 300g container of ViGO BCAA 2:1:1 packs an amazing 50 servings of BCAAs, meaning that you get 50 drinks out of it.

Compare this to most BCAA brands that contain 25-30 servings of BCAAs per similar-sized container.

How come? This is because they "dilute" their BCAAs with Glutamine. Now, glutamine is a beneficial amino acid but its purpose in a BCAA supplement is often to "bulk up" the powder as it is less costly than BCAAs.

If you look at some of these BCAA supplements you will see that they are advertised as a BCAA prominently and it is often only when you read the nutritional facts that you see the presence of Glutamine. Is it bad? No. Is it misleading? A bit, yes. 

ViGO, contains 50 full servings of 5g BCAAs per container.  It is advertised as a BCAA supplement and BCAAs are what you get!


The 2:1:1 BCAA ratio is the one found in food and whey protein supplements. Since the anabolic effects of Leucine started to be publicised, companies have been beefing up their Leucine to Isoleucine/ Valine ratio in their BCAA supplements and that's how you end up with 5:1:1, 8:1:1 and 10:1:1 ratios which contain a disproportionate amount of Leucine.

Yet, the beneficial effects reported in scientific studies from BCAAs are from 2:1:1 BCAA ratios (1, 2) . Likewise, the benefits you get from food or whey supplements are from BCAAs that are in them in the 2:1:1 ratio (as nature intended), along with other amino acids of course.

Higher ratios are unproven superior to the 2:1:1. They are more hype than science. Higher ratios are basically Leucine supplements. Isoleucine and Valine are important too!

ViGO BCAAs use the proven 2:1:1 ratio


VIGO uses only natural colours in its BCAAs and all products. A survey of the formulation of the major brands in South Africa shows that artificial dyes are used extensively. See for yourself. Read the ingredient list, spot the colourants, if they names are given (they should, if they care about you), do a google search and search about the side effects of regular consumption of these dyes. 


Popular Brand A: Uses Sunset Yellow (E110), Azorubine (E122) and Brilliant Blue (E133).

Most brand do not disclose what colourants they use, even those claiming to be "100% No proprietary blend".  

Artificial dyes carry their share of side effects (3) and yet these products are loaded with them and you are being told that "All Day You May" have them.

ViGO uses beetroot juice powder and beta-carotene to naturally colour its BCAAs and all other products.  


BCAAs are useful for many things: to fight muscle breakdown and prevent exercise fatigue. Its ability to promote recovery when used by itself is questionable given its limited amino acid profile.

That's the reason why ViGO, as a science-driven company, tells you that BCAAs are not an ideal supplement for recovery when used alone and that whole proteins from food or a complete protein shake are better alternatives for that purpose. 

Yet, many brands promote their BCAAs as a recovery agent and have their recovery supplement based entirely on BCAAs. Even brands containing "Scientifically-developed" on their label. That's bad science!


Honesty in advertising

Grab some ViGO BCAA 2:1:1 available in 3 amazing and refreshing flavours.



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