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ViGO Protein is everybody's protein. It has been formulated with everyone in mind and that is why we kept it as basic with as much of the protein active ingredient as possible and none of the boosters, enhancers or stimulants that are commonly found in protein products. 

VIGO Protein for The Young

Children have an increased protein need to assist growth and development.  Of course, this need can be met with protein-rich foods alone and we are not saying that kids must instead have protein shakes.

A well-formulated protein product can be added to foods like cereals, yogurt and pancake mixes, which will boost both taste and nutrition. A 10g protein serving a day can assist in daily protein nutrition. 

Whey protein powder is basically milk powder from which the most of the sugar (lactose) and milk fat has been removed. So, it is basically a higher-protein and lower fat/ sugar version of milk powder. Whey protein isn't some hormone-like growth factor that will turn your kids into monsters. 

VIGO Protein for Athletes and Exercisers

A large share of our ViGO Protein clientele are athletes and regular exercisers. They trust ViGO Protein for the simplicity and transparency in its formulation (few ingredients in disclosed quantities) , ease of mixing and exceptional digestibility. A whole book can be written on the nutritional benefits of ViGO Protein but in a nutshell: protein helps with building and maintaining muscle. It works great as a recovery agent along with a source of carbohydrates. 

ViGO Protein also lends itself really well to protein-rich recipes like protein bars and pancakes that are easier and more cost-effective alternatives to commercial protein bars and pancake mixes.   

Here's a cool infographic for you! 

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