BCAA 2:1:1 [50 Servings]

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An amino acid drink based on the essential branched chain amino acids. Ideal for supporting muscle growth, fighting muscle breakdown and countering exercise fatigue. Each container packs an amazing 50 full-dose servings.

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Cherry, Peach, Cocopine

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4 reviews for BCAA 2:1:1 [50 Servings]

  1. Moe

    The price is lekker for 50 servings.

  2. Alma Nel

    Excellent price, natural ingredients and a great taste.

  3. Abdulrauf

    Product mixes well and taste is good, although on the strong/ sweet side when mixed according to the instructions but I’ve since then used more water.

    • siteadmin

      Hi Abdulrauf, thanks for taking the time to write us the feedback. Indeed, it is a great idea to add more water to suit your taste preference.

  4. Adrian

    Overall a good product. Not too happy with the 🍑 flavour. 🍒 And cocopine are better for me. Would want 🍋 also.

    • siteadmin

      Hi Adrian, thanks for your feedback. Totally loving the fruit pics! 🙂

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