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Many people complain that they used to get digestive issues when using dairy-based protein powders before making the switch to ViGO Protein.

These digestive issues include bloating, flatulence and diarrhoea 

We’ve had some bad experience with some protein powders too, way before we were in the protein business ourselves!

Why is this?

Dairy Proteins contain some lactose 

Lactose is the sugar found in milk. As whey protein is a dairy product it will contain some lactose. Some people have problems digesting lactose because they lack the lactase enzyme that breaks it down.

This leads to problems like cramps, gas, bloating and diarrhoea.

Some protein shakes may have high lactose content because high-lactose ingredients have been added to cut down costs.

Examples are:

  • Milk solids (milk powders)
  • Whey powder (high lactose/ low protein)
  • Lower grade whey protein concentrates (e.g. WPC60)
  • Lactose itself

Why is ViGO Protein so easy on the stomach? 

Many people who have had some issues with dairy and other protein products do not report any problem when taking ViGO Protein.

We give you 2 reasons why:

A. ViGO Protein doesn’t contain these added high lactose ingredients.

B. VIGO Protein contains the highest grade of whey protein concentrate available (WPC80).

Our sole active ingredient in ViGO Protein is a pure Whey protein concentrate (WPC) called NutriWhey 800I. This WPC is of the highest grade of concentrate available, namely a WPC 80 grade.

It is used in medical nutrition products. Please read more about our raw material below:

This is the kind of information that a brand that values its customers, like ViGO Nutrition does, should give to its customers. 

The “80” in WPC80 denotes the protein content of the product (80% protein on a dry weight basis). Not all whey concentrates are created equal.

There are some lower grade concentrates like WPC60 that contain far less protein (60%) and a lot more lactose than our WPC80.

You can see the consistency and smooth appearance of the whey protein powder use in ViGO Protein.

Unless a brand tells you what grade of Whey Protein Concentrate they are using you won’t really know. They need to tell you this. But, alas, they don’t.

Now, coming to our raw material (WPC80)

Our raw material (WPC80) contains only 6.5g Lactose per 100g raw powder. 6.5g lactose is roughly the amount of lactose in 1/2 cup of milk.

Not a huge amount considering that it is in a 100g raw protein powder serving!

This translates into only 1.6g of lactose at most per ViGO protein shake (Vanilla- other flavours slightly less less lactose).

Contrast this to the 5-6g of carbs (lactose) in other shakes…PER SERVING!!

No wonder where those farts are coming from!! :)))))

We took this WPC80 raw material and added a small quantity of inactive ingredients to give you a great-tasting product. 

Vigo protein ingredients

Thank you for trusting our protein! Expect more from us!

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