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Skeptics often say that sports drinks are “empty calories”, meaning that they bring carbs & salts and nothing else in terms of nutrition. ViGO ULTRA Sports is something different, however, because it is fortified with a multivitamin! Here are some FAQs regarding our Ultra Sports Drink.

Q: Must I switch from my current multivitamin to Ultra?

A: No. ViGO Ultra is not a multivitamin supplement. It is a Sports Drink with added multivitamins. The main purpose of ViGO Ultra is to deliver carbohydrates and salts for exercise undertaken for longer than 1 hr or shorter duration in hot/ humid conditions. While doing so, it also covers part of your daily needs of 12 vitamins.

Q: Doesn’t the addition of vitamins make it bitter?

A: No. We use a premix of vitamins which is specially designed for beverages like ViGO Ultra Sports drink. You wouldn’t know the vitamins are there. 

Q: Are vitamins really needed in a sports drink?

A: It depends. A small amount of vitamins, especially the water soluble vitamins, is lost in sweat. This loss can be made up for by a healthy diet. ViGO Ultra helps towards this. 


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