Elements BCAA

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BCAAs stand for branched-chain amino acids and are found in food. When taken in supplemental form they help with a lot of things like muscle growth, fighting muscle breakdown and countering exercise fatigue. This product absorbs readily and mixes instantly into a variety of drinks. This 50-serving container allows you to take BCAAs everyday for best effect.

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2 reviews for Elements BCAA

  1. Petrus

    This tastes terrible in water but works in flavoured drink. I prefer your flavoured one though.

    • siteadmin

      Hi Petrus. Sorry for your bad taste experience. Indeed, pure BCAAs are a little bitter (not as much as beer, though).

  2. JP

    Can I add it to my whey protein shake?

    • siteadmin

      Hi JP,
      Whey Protein, provided you use a full serving and a reliable product (content in the jar matches quantities written on the label), already contains BCAAs in sufficient amounts. There is no benefit in taking extra BCAAs on top of what’s already in the whey. You can use BCAAs by themselves or added to other products. Please see this blog post for more info:

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