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Preworkout powders have a high tendency to clump. This is something that few manufacturers talk about, which often leaves the consumer disappointed for their product "not looking like in the commercial". At ViGO Nutrition we are aware that our Power2GO preworkout does have a tendency to form lumps, although not as badly as many brands. Although this bugs us quite a lot, we have taken steps to reduce the chances of this happening and provide you with tips for "caring" for your preworkout too. Don't worry as we did not skimp on ingredient dosages in doing so!


Preworkouts clump because the ingredients used in them are prone to absorb moisture from the surroundings. This causes the powder to aggregate. Even when the ingredients reach us in bulk, they have already formed lumps, which we have to break before blending them together.

Ingredients that are notorious for clumping include Citrulline Malate, Creatine and Beta-Alanine. Citrulline Malate is, in fact, the worst. However, it is a great ingredient to have in a preworkout and in Power2GO we use the clinically effective dose of 5g/ serving in a gym-oriented preworkout. We did not want to use a lesser quantity. 

Another ingredient that absorb moisture is the natural colourant, namely beetroot juice powder and beta-carotene.


  • We use anti-caking agent: we use silica as an anti-caking agent within allowable limits.
  • We use other (nutritive) free-flow agents: we use some Maltodextrin (carbohydrate) powder which is reputed to keep powders free-flowing.  We have used about approx. 5g per serving, which is nothing to claim big things about like, for example, call it fancy names like "Glycoforce matrix" and the like (LOL).
  • We produce small batches: we produce just enough of Power2GO that we would be able to sell quickly. The longer a product stands on the shelves the more prone to clumping it becomes.
  • We pack powders into resealable zip-locks: if ever you've wondered why we use Zip-lock bags inside buckets for most products, here's your answer! The zip-lock bags allows you to reseal the bags after use, diminishing the chance of moisture getting in.

Here's a cool info-graphic that contains tips on how to fix clumpy preworkout powders. Please feel free to download and save it for sharing or future reference. 



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